Hi I am a Cali girl, dark bronze stocky, jacked Asian Pro Bodybuilder . My head scissor is out of the world, I maybe 5'3 but I can give a 280ish guy a shoulder ride like nothing. I can be friendly, talkative to an alpha dominant Amazon, book a session with me today to find out.

I only session within California unless client pays for ticket/hotel to travel outside of California.

I offer local session in San Diego.



5'3 (160 cm), stage 149, offseason 175 lb, biceps 16 in, quads 27.5 in, calves: 15 in, chest: 42 in, bench: 235 lbx3 sets of double, deadlift 335 lb x 9, barbell squat 315 lb x 13. overhead press 135 lb 3 sets of12, dips body weight x 20 reps
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