Kristie Etzold

Kristie Etzold

Kristie now has her own wrestling room in her home in Tustin.  I've wrestled Kristie and she has a nice personality and is a lot of fun as well as a very respectable wrestler.

Kristie has a pro ring available for sessions and to rent out and also an indoor, matted wrestling room which she will also rent out.


  • 11/2019: "I recently had a competitive session with Kristie. I'm about 165 pounds, and 5'10", and I was completely unable to pin her or make her tap out. She used a wide array of moves to make me tap out repeatedly, including scissors, grapevines, nelsons, and many others. She had a professional but sweet attitude and was very accommodating as far as setting up the session, as well as my role-playing requests. She could definitely defeat most men in a competitive session."
  • 2/2017" My female friend and I had a boxing and wrestling session with Kristie. So friendly and easy to work with. Not a clock watcher. She makes you feel welcome. She taught us various holds and chokes. Her thighs were very strong for her chokes. We had a great time and would session her again. "
  • 5/05: "Kristie has a very engaging and upbeat personality and is very attractive. Looks are deceptive because she is also one of the most skilled wrestlers I have met. Despite my weight (180#s) and height (5'11") advantage she was very competitive and won most falls. Typically I win majority of falls against most women and more times than not must significantly ease-off to allow the women to compete. Exceptions to this point have been rare (Helen Von Mott for example). I highlight recommend Kristie to folks that want a real test but be a good sport because most likely Kristie will prevail."
  • 12/04: "Wow, can this girl wrestle. She's solid and power packed. She beat me 3 falls to 1 and did so convincingly. I'm 6'4" and 280lbs. she was able to wear me down and beat me. Her upper body strength is pretty good, but her legs... once around your head it's over. She'll beat big men and smaller men alike. She's extremely skilled as well, she knows how to leverage and keeps you off balance and she's quick. She's not a bodybuilder, but just has a nice powerful body, with some tone to it. She'll mix up the match any way you like. I told her to go all out and I would try not to lose, which was an unrealistic proposition if you ask me. She's very accommodating, bringing water and towels when needed, too. Very talkative and personable. Good at making you feel comfortable. She wrestles out of her home, which is nice, it's in a good neighbourhood. "
  • 7/04: "Had a fantastic time with Kristie, she is simply the nicest and sweetest lady you can possible want to meet. She will make you feel at ease right away and is easy to talk too. As for the match she has the best head scissors I have ever felt, and I have wrestled over 20 ladies nationwide. In between falls she is a good conversationalist and is not a clock watcher, which is nice to know. Also her rates are reasonable not overpriced and she is one of the best out there."
  • 4/01: "Simply Americas wrestling sweetheart!  I'm ashamed that it took me so long to meet and get beat by Kristie!  She is a super, honest, terrific lady who has a great personality and is a lot of un!  She is not as tall a girl as I usually wrestle, but she is a scrappy, terrific, spunky warrior!  Her scissors and leg strength were absolutely fantastic!  Very knowledgeable and aggressive wrestler who really threw me around. "



5'4 165 pounds, 39-29-39, 14.5" biceps, 25" thighs, 14.5" calves
wrestling (semi-competitive, competitive and fantasy), domination, lifts, and beatdowns, but nothing sexual.