I’m here to make your session as much fun as I’m having. I’m very athletic and have always excelled in sports and academics. I have placed in sports including jiu jitsu, surfing, triathlons, and kickboxing. As I want to maintain longevity in the session world, I will be doing more non-competitive and semi-competitive. I will still do competitive, as I love to have a hearty match, but will not Be focusing on that as much.

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12/2022: " I just had my first session with Mahea. First she is 100% athlete. I’ve sessioned with over 50 woman going back into the early 90’s. She is among the the strongest girls pound girl pound that I’ve wrestled and one of the best conditioned. She has great technical skills but I think she could out muscle the majority of guys under 200 lbs. At 130 lbs she tossed me over her shoulder easily and I weigh 175. Mahea was prompt in her email reply’s. The set up was easy. Her personality is friendly and pleasant.  She tailored our session to the moves I liked and was careful not to injure me.  She was attentive for the entire session pacing herself to my comfort. A very nice and memorable experience."

11/2022: " Mahea is extraordinary! She's a Tier 1 communicator! Her emails are well written, direct and still be incredibly descriptive. We booked with mind-blowing ease! She is the definition of the phase "consummate professional."
Upon arrival, she greeted me with a smile and a hug. We began with a light non-competitive roll. Both of us having considerable martial arts and BJJ training this proved to be a great way to warm up. After about 7-10 minutes she was ready to go and was completely dominant! Her years of martial art and combat experience were on full display! The most I could do is defend and marvel. Mahea is truly 1:1 and has left an indelible mark in my experience."

11/15: " Mahea is one of the real gems of this industry. One of the best experiences I've ever had in a session. She's legit. The girl can wrestle. She's got a very friendly warm personality and she does not watch the clock. Beautiful and deceptively strong. Her email exchanges were prompt. She actually cares that you get the experience you're paying for. For anyone looking for a sure thing, quality session with a professional, I highly recommend Mahea."

2/14: "Had a great session with Mahea that alternated between competitive and semi-competitive.  She is great about responding to emails and easy to schedule with.  She is also smoking hot: very lean and muscular in an athletic, still feminine way rather than a bodybuilder kind of way.  I am 6' 200 lbs and pretty athletic -- her wrestling and jiu jitsu skills are excellent, and she was able submit me over and over with arm locks and chokes.  I could defend for a while, and definitely made her work for it (and even got her in a few bad positions) but in general her technical skills were too good and she was always able to escape/reverse.  She is quick and strong for her size and has great conditioning.  Her upper body strength surprised me.  She is also super down to earth, accommodating/good about tailoring the session to interests, and fun to chat with during breaks.  Will definitely be looking to roll with her again."

11/13: "Mahea is really good at communicating with you. She had problems getting flights booked for this trip and shifted her trip date at the last minute. She was very good at letting me know her updated schedule so we could re-plan the session. Skill level – I have no doubt at all she is a BBJ blue belt. We did a extended competitive wrestling session and I thought her submission holds were done very cleanly and effectively. She also has very good defensive skills – there were several times I had her wrapped up in a hold she could have legitimately tapped from. But Mahea would hang in there and keep trying to work an escape until she found a way out. From that view point, it was a lot wrestling Helen Von Mott when she was active. Overall, a very enjoyable session."

6/13: "Just had wrestling session with Mahea. She is real deal ... skill, strength, warrior spirit, beauty, intelligence, and friendly personality. Checks in all boxes. Won't regret booking session if she is available"

7/13: "Just had my first session ever - it was with Mahea. She is really talented, beautiful, and made me feel comfortable as I was quite nervous. It was an unforgettable experience that I would recommend to anyone. She was easy to talk to, conducive to anything I wanted to try, and would come down to my skill level if I requested, or go full out. Overall - she was amazing."

6/12: "Mahea is amazing.   When we first met, I had no idea of the power she had in each of her well toned limbs.   Nor did I appreciate the skill she had with her martial arts training.   Of course - some of that is because she looks more beautiful and unassuming in person.   But when she is ready to wrestle - you better be ready to tap.   Her BJJ skill combined with her athleticism create an instant recipe for your demise.   Add to that her wit and her strength - and you quickly find yourself outmatched.   She will make you submit more than you could ever believe and her smile never leaves her face as your breath is taken away by her scissors and chokes - rear naked chokes that are brutal and triangle chokes that are more intense and inescapable than I thought possible to someone so new to sessions.  Must be the years of MMA.   If you ever have the chance - you must see this wonderful young lady!"

7/12: "Great session with Mahea where she put her sound grappling skills in full display. Methodical and efficient, she would gain an advantageous position and then maintain it while breaking down my defences and eventually (and many times quickly) securing me in one of her inescapable arm locks and chokes.  Most important, Mahea keeps things safe and is a really nice, accommodating, down to earth person."

1/13: "Just had an awesome competitive session with Mahea. I was incredibly impressed with the entire experience beginning with the original contact to the ease of scheduling through the session itself. Her superior skills, strength and athleticism proved to be well beyond my expectations. She’s a very attractive young woman with an extremely toned body, just muscular enough to remain super feminine. She gave 100% for the entire session and was a delight to chat with throughout the session. At 175 lbs, I was hardly a match for this terrific girl, having to submit several times and seeing my holds consistently reversed. I found her scissors and arm bars were inescapable. Mahea is a classy young lady with a great attitude who should have a great future sessioning."


5'5 130 pounds, born: 1983
boxing, muai thai, BJJ, semi-competitive and competitive wrestling