Hello to all of you guys/girls out there that are true wrestling fans! I work for a few companies. Sleeperkidsworld.com,  Superactionfight.com catfightingangel.com, ringgoddesses.com and pindowngirls.com. and I love my job as a wrestler! I am trained in Pro wrestling, Submission wrestling, Grappling, Fantasy and BDSM.  If you are looking to have a lot of fun wrestling, drop me an e-mail. I took Ballet, Tap, Jazz and Contemporary for 27 years I use my skills of that along with my fighting.  I love all types of combat, and I can give quite a beating as well as take one gracefully; So drop me an e-mail and tell me what type of stuff you are looking for I will work with you.  Anything from Grappling, pro style, fantasy, scissors, KO, belly punching, stretching, muscle worship, to BDSM and much MUCH more.. I am down for it! I am looking to hear from You Soon!!!


  • 7/2013: "Jackson is a spirited new addition to the already rich selection of wrestlers available in LA.  She came west from the Sleeperkid gang in Atlanta, and has good basic wrestling/grappling skills.  She has also had some pro style training, which adds another great twist for those into that game.  She is extremely flexible and her legs are tapout machines!  Jackson enjoys her work, and it shows!"


5'3 125 pounds, small but athletic, born 1982
Pro style wrestling, Grappling, Semi comp /light wrestling, Fantasy wrestling. Some boxing experience. Also do scissor session, belly punching.