Dez Desire

Dez Desire

Based in Las Vegas, I do travel, but here in Vegas I have access to an actual wrestling ring, MMA cage or boxing ring.


  • 6/2019: "I recently had the pleasure of meeting Dez Desire for my birthday. She was prompt with responses and accommodating to my match requests. When I met her my first impression was that she was absolutely stunning. She is extremely fit, having just had a pro fight a month before our session. I'm 5'4", 129 lbs with several years in BJJ and submission wrestling, but I haven't trained in years so we decided to do hard semi competitive wrestling. As soon as we locked up I realized I was in trouble! Dez has a very high pain tolerance, coupled with an amazing skill level! She simply out wrestled me every fall but the last, where I was able to surprise her with a Banana Split move I perfected years ago! She was pleasant and even encouraging through out the match and was an absolute joy to be with. I would wrestle her again in a heartbeat!"



5'9 150 pounds, born: 1991, I can body slam a 250 lb. man
Submission grappling, wrestling, competitive and fantasy wrestling, domination through wrestling skill, lift and carry, physical and mental overpowering, muay thai, scissors, boxing, strength challenges, foot worship, muscle worship, posing. arm wrestling