Dominique Danger

Dominique Danger

Alpha Female Powerhouse and Mighty Muscle Muse with a unique set of skills, catering to gentlemen of all ages, ethnicities, weight, height, and level of experience. Witty, Sharp, Intelligent and Seductive, Dominique is so much more than just a highly accomplished athlete with national and international recognition. She is an experience. Massive, Sultry, Strong, yet Quick and smooth in her transitions between holds, executing flawless technique with utmost efficiency. Articulate and Educated, thus able to carry an intelligent conversation on a variety of topics in three different languages. Dominique is also a lifestyle and Professional Practitioner of the SM arts, providing sessions with a kinky flair for the more adventurous characters out there.  This Supersized kitten loves to play games that display the efficiency with which She can overpower and dominate Her opponent with minimal effort. She is graceful, feminine, friendly, feisty, fun and takes immense pleasure and pride in what She does. Be considerate of this Lady's time and Respectful of her as an athlete and entertainer when inquiring about any service you do not see listed as a specialty.

Dominique Danger holds a Dual MA, is a pro classical pianist, is well travelled, multilingual, multifaceted and caters to high-society gentlemen who crave intellect in their sessions, along with a good tussle. Among her accolades are Gold at the Arnold Classic Superfights, Gold at the Europa Show of Champions, Gold at the Olympia Superfights, Double Gold at the IBJJF European Open, Gold at the IBJJF Masters World Gi as well as gold at Worlds Nogi. This alpha Female was also Ranked by USA Weightlifting among top ten superheavyweight female Weightlifters in the nation.

Deposits are appreciated with your booking. That ensures that no one's time is wasted.

Background: World Class Black Belt in Brazilian JiuJitsu under Grand Master Romero Jacare Cavalcanti, Hall of Famer and Founder of Team Alliance. Nationally ranked Olympic Weight Lifter, and world-renowned strength athlete under the Legendary John Coffee. World record holder in women's powerlifting with the Global Powerlifting Alliance in the 90kg class. Dominique is a seasoned athlete, highly accomplished in multiple strength disciplines and experienced in a variety of combat sports and fighting styles including but not limited to: Prostyle, Greco, freestyle wrestling, Boxing, Judo, Muay Thai, Sambo, Catch wrestling and MMA


  • 6/2015: "We invited Dominique Danger to be the Guest of Honor at one of our Lifestyle Parties for a change of pace and to add something different. She put on a great display of power and stamina.  She put the beat down on everyone.  She gave her full attention during every match and was pleasant while doing so.  Even though all attendees were amateurish, she took care not to be too over powering.  She was generous with her time and made sure all potential participants got a chance to take her down.  She is short but built like a brick house.    The time spent with her was well worth it."
  • 2/2015: "Dominique Danger is by far the strongest, most powerful, and most skilled wrestler I have had a session with.  At the time of our meeting she was 205 lbs, 100% of which is solid muscle.  I could tell immediately that she is a world class weightlifter.  At 5'9" and 185 lbs, I had absolutely no change of doing anything against her in a wrestling match.  I lost count of the numerous moves and holds she put me in.  She took the time to give me several pointers on the subject of wrestling.  A final added bonus is that she is quite the trash talker.  Of course, she was able to back up every word.  I definitely want to schedule another session with her."
  • 4/10: "Even though she is very short, she is definitely the strongest girl on the scene. I'm 6'1 and 185 pounds and she completely dominated me. We compared muscles in front of the mirror and I looked just like a match stick next to her. She did 6-7 successful overhead lifts, a couple of armpit lifts, bench and leg pressed me and everything else we did was a great experience. She's easy to talk to, has a nice personality and a great, curvy body. I will definitely book her for another session again"
  • 7/09: "Dominique is very friendly, and has a great personality.  Even more beautiful in person and is even stronger than what she shows in her video clips if that is even possible.  She will try any lift that you ask her to do with you, including the overhead lift.  By far the best time I have ever had in a session.  So good I scheduled 2 sessions with her on the same trip."
  • 7/08: "When I met Dominique I realized 2 things, she is very beautiful & she is way bigger than she appears in her pictures. We had a 2 hr session, mostly Lift & Carry, bit of wrestling. I know I am a small guy, I was about 130lbs& she was 208lbs that day, but her strength was beyond anything I had ever imagined.   Some great lifts that require unbelievable strength(even if the subject is light) were performed effortlessly by Dominique.
    • she actually put one hand between my legs & lifted me up
    • she grabbed me under my arms & hoisted me straight up in air without any wall for support
    • she tucked me under her left arm & carried me around
    • she did several overhead lifts with me without breaking a sweat

    The best thing is she often shifted me from one lift to another without actually having to put me down on ground.

    The wrestling was comical, I was too small & weak for her. I screamed out(in real pain) even before she had (according to her) started applying real pressure in scissor hold. She could hold both my wrists in one hand & pin me to floor with the other, she pinned me to the wall with one hand & I just could not move her.

    Plus, she is a real beauty with great eyes & waist-long thick black hair. She is extremely sweet & charming & will reply to any email promptly.Treat her like a lady & u will have a great time.

    She is in off-season shape now. HUGE all over. Her torso is a very sexy  hourglass shape. Enormous shoulders(I could & did sit on one of her shoulders)..SEE her to have the BEST lift & carry session you possibly could. Wrestle her if u dare☺"

  • 12/08: "I've been sessioning for a long time and with some of the biggest, strongest women that do sessions. And from the moment I saw Dominique, I knew I'd never been around a woman who gushed such strength, indestructible thickness of muscle and massive bone structure, such confident sexual power and energy as to embody the term "superwoman." She's so overwhelmingly powerful and sexy, sometimes it's hard to breathe in per presence. There is no stopping her. Just be happy she wishes you to enjoy the session for with little effort, she could break you. She's superdeveloped everywhere, 215 pounds of muscle at 5-5 when I saw her, but her legs stand out -- humongous oaks of muscle. A session with her will stay with you for a long time -- in a good way."
  • 6/08:"Dominique is very muscular, basically an off-season bodybuilder type physique although she now does more power lifting type of training.  She has very large and hard biceps, incredibly huge and powerful legs, and a powerful back and shoulders. She is a little over 200 lbs at only 5'5" tall but she is basically all muscle.  I stand 6'1" and weigh about 240 lbs but despite my considerable size advantage, overall she was significantly stronger than me.  She is almost scarily strong with martial arts and grappling training...a very dangerous combination.We started with semi-competitive wrestling and I lost count of the falls but I think I won 4 falls and she probably won around 12 or maybe more. She loves fighting from the bottom and caught me in a grapevine about 5 times. I've been put in a grapevine before by other session wrestlers but I can't remember ever submitting to one. I've never really even considered the grapevine to be a submission hold but Dominique's leg strength is scary. I tried to resist the first two times but she just kept pouring on the pressure until I thought I was going to be split into. I never knew a grapevine could be so painful but after the first two times, I started tapping immediately as soon as it was apparent that she had me locked in.Although Dominique seems to prefer wrestling defensively, occasionally she would surprise me with an aggressive flurry at the beginning of the fall and would try to quickly overwhelm and overpower me which she usually was successful in doing. She is very good at mixing it up and utilizing different styles and confusing her opponent (at least me).

    We also did some lift and carry and she is incredibly powerful. She did 6 full (going all the way down) squats with my 240 lbs on her shoulders and I'm certain she could have done many more as she wasn't straining in the least even on the last one. She easily lifted me in every lift I challenged her with.  I definitely enjoyed my session with Dominique and highly recommend her. Just be prepared to be overpowered, out wrestled, and generally woman-handled."

  • 04/08: "Dominique assured me the pictures on the wb270 site do not do her justice  On 04/04/2008 I met her for the session she was correct.  She is much bigger and more muscular than her pictures indicate.  Not only is she bigger and more muscular than her pictures but she is also much stronger. She demonstrated her strength over and over again to me.  I weigh over 300 pounds and she did two full squats with me on her back.  I thought she was insane for squatting me but there might as well be an S on her chest!!  She also is very intelligent and can talk intelligently on a wide range of subject.  Dominique  is absolutely unstoppable and I will definitely see her again."
  • 4/08:"Not only is Dominique a beautiful lady, she is also very bright and intelligent. She is extremely muscular/strong and handled my 170 lbs with perfect ease. She had me under 'holds' where I could not escape and she tapped me every time. Being 3" shorter than me I thought I would be able to throw her down in a semi-comp wrestling match......but not a chance! In a total of 5 encounters, she had me down and comprehensively tapped out in all of them.......she is very adept in wrestling skills!! The best part is her 'raw' strength which she displayed time and again in arm-wrestling (she put me down in less than 5 seconds!), firman's lift with 360 degree spins, wrestling encounters, holds and scissors galore!Dominique is the best wrestler and a strong-woman I have ever met. Besides a hard body, she has all the curves of a woman and is extremely feminine."
  • 4/08: "Dominque as far as I'm concern has the best thighs in the business and is going to make a great wife. Hopefully mine :--)).....She is without a doubt the most beautiful goddess you have ever met. And she is so nice. Cant wait to see her again."
  • 4/08: "Wow! I'm 175 lbs, and Dominique threw me around the room like a rag doll. She made me submit time and time again.  I would have had better luck moving a fire hydrant than moving her back an inch! If you're looking for a mega-muscle 200 lb. fantasy girl, she's the girl you need to see.  She's nice and personable, but can be as tough as you want her to be."
  • 4/08: "Dominique is a Perfect 10. I am around 180-185 lbs in considerable shape, but Dominique handled me with complete ease. We did a liitle semi-competitive wrestling, and time after time again she made me tap out, putting me in all sorts of various holds." The amazing thing is that she actually allowed me the opportunity to pin her several times, but it was to no avail for me. I tried my ABSOLUTE Best to at least get her down one time, but with No Luck. Her technique and Strength was way too much for me to handle. However, After she crushed me, she gave me the greatest massage; to relieve some of the soreness she had inflicted upon me. She provides great massages by the way."


5"5 210 pound Powerhouse, born 1980, biceps 17", quads 30", chest 48", shoulders 55" calves 17", excellent proportions. Outstanding references, credentials, and accomplishments with athlete resume available upon request.
roviding Full-on Competitive Wrestling sessions. Available for Mixed wrestling sessions as well as private NHB fem/fem sessions, underground, sanctioned, unsanctioned, Fantasy/Fetish/semi comp, catfights..etc. Fetish services provided with a primary focus on Sthenolagnia, Cretolagnia and FMG (fetishes surrounding female strength and muscle) Lift and Carry, role play, muscle worship, arm wrestling, scissor sessions are all on the menu. Limited travel availability with this athlete being a fulltime student.