I’m XENA maybe you know me from my arm wrestling videos. I had a channel with my real name during 8 years , unfortunately YouTube deleted all … and I lose a lot of my videos… and I decide to produce new kind of content, wrestling videos ! I’m producer to XENA production You can see some of my video on Gumroad. Maybe you want a custom video ? I love travel to have new wrestling challenges , meet people , man , woman ! I LOVE FIGHT !!

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I am lucky to live in the same city as Xena, Brussels, and to have already had three sessions with her.
I discovered her profile somewhat by chance in March, and I wanted to have my first experience of competitive mixed wrestling. In fact, I only knew very vaguely about the world of wrestling and sessions…
I didn't even have any experience in combat sports. I am not a sporty person at all, but I wanted to try, to see how I could defend myself against a female opponent, but able to dominate men in bare-handed combat.
When we first met, Xena was very nice to me on the mat. Of course, she completely dominated me and won hands down (even if she still had a little trouble scoring the first point), but she mainly scored on pins, very little by submissions, because, as she admitted to me later, she didn't want to scare the beginner.
For the second session, I was treated to something a little different. Indeed, Xena did not hesitate to show me how to obtain a victory by submission. I could feel what it was like to be strangled, to be caught in a triangle choke, to feel the pressure on the neck, the jaw... to the point where I couldn't do anything other than tap when the pain becomes unbearable. I think we can say it : she destroyed me !
I had my third session with her a few days ago. I had asked Xena to be merciless towards me, since I was starting to accumulate a little experience and what I like is being faced with an opponent who will do everything to beat me. And how can I put it… again, she completely destroyed me !
To show how much she could dominate me, at certain times she gave me some "advantages", as to start in a more favorable position for me... but Xena turned the situation around each time, and did not hesitate to throw a few little mockery at me. But she did it because she knows I like it, and it's always done with respect, to have fun, and not to hurt.
That's what Xena is first of all : a girl with a very strong personality, but who makes you feel comfortable, and always has the concern to preserve and satisfy the person who reserves a session for her, provided of course that we respect it. Xena is much more than a super wrestler... she is a smile, the joy of living, a person with extraordinary human qualities and a spicy humor that is difficult to resist.
Personally, she changed my life by giving birth in me to a passion for wrestling which helps me forget the worries of everyday life by bringing me little moments of happiness every day.
Even if I want to have new experiences and face new wrestlers, Xena will always remain number 1 for me, and a girl I hope to have many more wrestling sessions with...
And if I persevere, who knows... maybe I will one day be able to score a point for her ?
One thing is certain in any case: Xena does one of the most beautiful things in the world : she makes people happy !


173 cm 60kg
semi-competitive wrestling, competitive wrestling, physical overpowering, domination wrestling, grappling, fantasy wrestling, tickle wrestling, grappling, BJJ judo, akido, scissors, boxing one side (various gradations and types), competitive strength challenges, lift & carry... DOMINATION, feet worship , muscle worship, posing, B&D, role play, beat downs, belly punching, posing, whipping, slapping... and more!!!