Warrior Amazone, a name creation that appears raw, dangerous and also somewhat exotic. Four years ago I entered the world of session wrestling. Already at that time equipped with numerous previous knowledge. With a Blue Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in my luggage, I broke new ground. I heard that there are a lot of people outside of martial arts circles who think they can compete with strong women in paid wrestling matches. A layman representative of the so-called strong sex believes in all seriousness to be able to measure himself with a graceful fighting machine, even to be able to defeat it.

A quite stupid and presumptuous attitude, which led me to show this gentleman where the hammer is hanging. And Ive been celebrating this for four years now.

Again and again new, willing victims come and soon find themselves crooked and whimpering on the mat floor.

I also love to dominate. There will never be sessions in which I fight without a top or perform sexual activities. But I enjoy degrading a gentleman.

I can crush him, rob him of the air with my legs or simply beat him up.

I master a lot of fighting techniques. My main focus is on Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but I am also experienced and trained in Jiu Jitsu, boxing, Thai boxing, Olympic Freestyle Wrestling and grappling.

I always strive to offer an international audience the opportunity to learn humility and submission. My travels have already taken me to many countries around the world, such as Sweden, the USA, Spain, Thailand, Switzerland and many others.

Book your session and find out how nice it can be to lose.

11/2019: "I had a fantastic session yesterday (Nov, 2018)with Warrior Amazone. She's a pretty nice humorous young lady. We had a couple of matches and it seemed that I may a bit stronger than her but never had a chance due to her great techniques and skills. She's very well trained with different fighting sports and extremely flexible. If you think, there is no way for her to move out from a grip, you'll be surprised immediately. Thanks a lot for a wonderful session and looking forward for a revenge match next month.:))"

11/2017: "Her place is great, it's hygienic and equipped with large mats (about 3,5x5 meters). She is very nice, easy to approach so you feel comfortable right away. But on the mats she makes it very clear, she will defeat you. Warrior Amazone is very strong with excellent grappling skills. She can adapt very quickly and uses a lot of techniques to make you submit. Most devastating are her legs, which are very strong and she uses them to gain control or scissor you until you tap. All techniques are really safe, as she knows what she is doing. After one hour you are totally exhausted, but the smile on your face from the awesome experience with her stays for days!"


170 cm (5'7), 68 kg (150 pounds)
Semi-Competitive, Full-Competitive, Arm-Wrestling