Uzi has been wrestling for quite some years now and has a strong motivation to finish her opponents. She never gives up, has a lot of energy and endurance, and simply loves to wrestle!

She’s a gymrat & is constantly working on her strength and fitness. She loves to dance too but also enjoys to slap, choke and punch (here and there if desired), and likes herself a little catfight from time to time. To keep herself fit, weightlifting is what she’s doing on a daily basis & with lots of passion.

Uzi is into fetish gear but she can do sporty or girl next door too. Feel free to ask her for the outfit you’d like to see.

Located in Berlin, this is the best place to meet for a session.

Please introduce yourself, be kind, don’t just write 1 sentence. Tell me what you’re looking for. I want to get to know you a little before we meet. No phone calls/chats/DMs. Please respect that I organize all my sessions through email.

Uzi - Female Submission Wrestling Encyclopedia

Travel Dates
Sept. 17-19 New York, USA

I met Uzi this Friday evening in Brussels. She's been one of the girls I've wanted to meet for a long time... and the opportunity presented itself because she was in my town.
I had already exchanged a few emails with her a few months ago, and she gave me the impression of being a serious, kind and respectful person, grateful for the work we do for her. I couldn't do anything else than ask her on a date !
It was very easy to make an appointment, even though I didn't have a lot of free time (not always easy when you work!).
About the session, I was very satisfied ! Uzi is a very friendly person, with whom you feel comfortable. She asks you what you want, explains clearly what she does or doesn't do, she also asks you if you have any injuries, or if there are things she needs to watch out for.
I like competitive wrestling, when everyone tries to win, even if in reality it often turns into more of a fantasy because I often can't do much except try to resist. However, I'm not looking to suffer or be in pain... just trying to do my best to resist and make my opponent's task more difficult.
Uzi understood and respected this. And I often found myself on my back, with Uzi on top of me, trying to escape, while my opponent relaxed, said the few words of French she knew, or joked a little.
Uzi has a lot of leg strength, and I found myself between them a lot. I didn't tape a lot, but I think she was "playing" with me a little, and that she could have if she wanted to accumulate points.
If you are a polite and correct person, I think you cannot be disappointed by Uzi: an adorable and respectful girl with whom you have a great time !


164 cm (5'4) 63 kg (138 lb), athletic
Competitive Wrestling, Semi-Competitive Wrestling, Fantasy Wrestling, Submission Wrestling, 2 on 1 Wrestling, Fantasy Boxing, Catfighting, Armwrestling, Scissoring, Lift and Carry, Posing, Modeling, Belly Punching, & lotsa choking, punching & slapping