Marina Redstar

Marina Redstar

I live in Russia in the northern capital city - St. Petersburg.  I've been doing bodybuilding since 2006. Now I work as a coach in the gym.  So I'm doing Grappling and Jiu-Jitsu since 2017.   I offer a real competitive mixed wrestling, fantasy wrestling, head scissors, face sitting, domination and submission, lift and carry, arm wrestling, muscles worship, feet fetish (feet domination, feet worship).

6/2021: "Marina is the real deal. She is by no means cut or defined, just firm. round and powerful woman muscles. As strong as anyone I have wrestled.  And she has skills! I could not lay a hand on her unless she wanted me to. I have no doubt that if we had more room she could throw me around like a rag doll and I weigh over 200 lbs.  Limited English but enough to get by. Like a bigger version of Zoya the Destroya."


Travel Dates
Apr. 16-17 Munich, Germany
Apr. 19-21 Budapest, Hungary
Apr. 20-22 Thessaloniki, Greece
Apr. 22-23 Prague, Czech Republic
Apr. 24-25 Dresden, Germany
Apr. 26-28 Berlin, Germany
Apr. 29-30 Hamburg, Germany
May 1- 2 Cologne, Germany
May 3-4 Amsterdam, Netherlands
May 5-6 Brussels, Belgium
May 7-8 Luxembourg
May 9-11 Paris, France
May 12-13 Lyon, France
May 14-16 Marseilles, France
May 17-18 Madrid, Spain
May 19-20 Nantes, France
May 21-22 Istanbul, Turkey


167 cm (5'6) 68 kg (150 pounds) , biceps: 36 cm, sit-up: 85 kg x 5, biceps: 18kg dumbbells x 5, deadlift: 85 kg x 5, pullups on horizontal bar x 18
Wrestling and domination.