My vibe: Irreverent, feral, and withholding. I laugh easily and often, but don't expect a flirt—think "trickster" or "schoolyard bully for hire". [Don't take it from me—see the reviews on my website.]
Background: I spent ten years zipping around the world, broadening my horizons and skills wherever I go—as a writer, model, pyrotechnician, ski instructor, heavy machinery operator, installation artist, and massage therapist, to name just a few.

In particular, my discovery of martial arts a few years ago has now become the pastime that’s most felt like home. My training has included [but is not limited to] about six months of intensive training Shaolin kung fu for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in Manchuria, two months of intensive training Muay Thai in Chiang Mai for 5 hours a day, 6-7 days a week, and BJJ training in London in conjunction with a successful mixed wrestling debut at the London Submission Room.

As of November, 2023, I am back from a long hiatus and itching for a punching bag that screams back.
Where to find me: My current mountain-to-climb involves computer science and computational physics; because of this, my availability for most of the next two years [2024 & 2025] will be in the SF Bay Area. Special trips to elsewhere in the country [or world] can be arranged for exceptionally worthy victims.



5'7", 130 lbs
Beatdowns (striking in general) are my favourite! Other go-to's: Semi-competitive, Fantasy, Tickle Wrestling, Scissors, Grappling, Boxing, Belly Punching.