Heather Armbrust

Heather Armbrust

I am now retired from competitive bodybuilding but I am still very much in bodybuilder shape, just more streamline. I love being a little thicker but I do get leaner during warmer months. I like to focus on what my client's fantasies are and have open dialogue about it so a have happy client. I personally enjoy being worshipped and have lots of muscle for it. I believe I am a goddess and enjoy living the roll. I am also alpha by nature so I enjoy domination play. I will do light fantasy wresting- love holds like scissors but no lift & carries or arm wrestling. I am a very down to earth life coach and yogi but sassy so I dub myself the spiritual badass- I have a pretty kick ass personality. Life is amazing and meant to be fun!


  • 9/2019: "I had a session with Heather a couple of days ago in NYC. It was incredible. She looked fantastic, not a clock watcher, and very reliable. We don't wrestle in our sessions (I'm not sure she offers that) but she is very adaptable to what you like. I would say to be clear and concise as to what you are looking for in your emails and she will answer. In terms of her look gorgeous soft supple skin, very feminine she loves being sexy and strong. She also has a dominate vibe which she loves to explore. One of the most unique and caring individuals I have ever met. "


5"6, 170 pounds, born: 1977
Muscle worship, scissors, domination, light fantasy wrestling, fantasy role play